A ruleset is a very specific rigorous system of enforced rules (incentives, punishment, constraints). Examples include:

The usefulness of any of which must be assessed against a goal, and regularly revisited to self-organize better to achieve that goal sooner - and so change it! Since goals must change as they are achieved, mindsets, e.g. the Six Principles, are more important ultimately to any organization than the rulesets that it adopts at any given stage or time.

However, it is critical that the ruleset in any organization, especially a political party striving to improve the basics of democracy, be clearly defined. The process to change the ruleset should be very clear and accessible to all members and not dominated by staff or comittee.

Opening the process for changing the rules allows for more full participation under the existing rules by all members, and ensures that rules are used to further the goals of the organization, rather than subverted for personal or factional gain.