Rules are statements of what someone must do, which implies that there is someone who will impose some kind of punishment or sanction if the rules are disobeyed. By definition, rules are created by some authority and are not negotiable. OpenPolitics.ca tries to uphold a minimize rules policy, but so far, the following rules have proved to be necessary.

Rules in force

  • terms of use - Which explains the legal requirements and prohibitions concerning participation in this site.
  • code of conduct - Which expands on the terms of use and describes specific kinds of conduct that are unacceptable.
  • out of scope - Defines what is and what is not acceptable content in Openpolitics.ca reguardless of the author.
  • profile - the site's policy on profile pages, which tend to attract derogatory content.
  • user permissions - describing the general permissions scheme for the site.

Guidelines are also enforced, but by definition they are negotiable. Regular users may edit pages which contain the guidelines with equal status to any other user.

If regular users edit rules pages, this should be to clarify, add extensions, interpretations and point out implications of combinations of rules. Proposals that would substantially alter the rule should be first presented on talk pages. Any rule proposals editing will attract senior editor attention very quickly, and some process will result in further clarification. The rule change will not be deemed to be in effect until such time as this review has occurred.