The LP directives are how most LP:rules are enforced. When you intend to enforce an existing rule, make a link to the page with the appropriate rule. Any user may enforce and justify their enforcement with such a link. This helps maintain equal power relationships.

This article is about the general principle of a rule.

To set and enforce rules (incentives, punishment, constraints) is the fifth-highest of Donella Meadows's twelve levers:

The goal, mindset which leads to it, and an ability to transcend mindsets and identify when goals have changed, is all more important even than self-organizing or any ruleset.

LP's rules

Living Platform itself has several rulesets of concern:

Some history of how we got to the above:

GPC-LP rules

By contrast the Green Party of Canada Living Platform has or had a quite different set that arose from dialectic between:

To settle disputes regarding these and self-organize better would require attention to the higher-leverage concepts of a GROO and Living Agenda process to reconcile different rules arising from different contexts, factions, expectations. It may also require a more reflexive intranet. These seem unlikely in the Green Party of Canada under its single command hierarchy - which is incapable even of running a fair leadership race, and is driving away individual capital daily.