right to refactor

The right to refactor is a wiki best practice which gives some degree of control over pages intended to be written in a sympathetic point of view. In Open Politics, the right to refactor is given to a sympathetic editor who may be the subject of a profile or a freind of the subject.

What it means:

Other editors can:
  • edit the page, contributing content of a historical and biographical nature.
  • expect that "unpleasant facts" may not be removed simply because the subject does not wish them known. (e.g. "On January 10th 2003, he was arrested for Drunk Driving in Hawaii" should not be removed from the page Gordon Campbell)

The sympathetic editor can:
  • a sympathetic editor with the right to refactor can edit and reorganize the content, and obtain help from senior editors and administrators to do so.
  • remove any purportedly factual content not supported by a cite link.
  • remove non-sympathetic opinions to another appropriately named page, for example the sympathetic editor can place the opinions of a non-sympathetic editor on that editor's user page.

Dispute resolution:

Any editor who disputes the actions of a sympathetic editor can contact a senior editor.