right to privacy

The right to privacy is a commonly assumed to be among the basic freedoms in a free society, but it is not well established in law.

Although the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not specifically guarantee a right to privacy, many sections can be read together to protect privacy. In Canada, there is privacy legislation covering the public sector (federal and provincial government bodies) and in some cases, the private sector (corporations and other non-government organizations). PRIVACY LEGISLATION gives you the following rights:

  • the right to have the privacy of your personal information protected in accordance with specific rules,
  • the right of access to your own personal information,
  • the right to request that your information be corrected, and
  • the right to complain to an independent commissioner if you think your privacy rights have been violated.

[+] Privacy for the Public Sector

[+] Privacy Acts for the Private Sector: PIPEDA

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