To revert (also known as rollback) is to restore to a prior version exactly as it was at some previous time. It has various implications - most of which are covered in how to wiki well:

Usually this means to revert page - to revert a number of related pages is "to restore archived pages" (plural).

  • to revert page without comment is generally considered an insult or dismissal of the author, and is only really appropriate for vandals who damage pages
  • to revert page with comment makes it clear to the editors whose work is being undone what is wrong with it
  • to revert page with changes confuses the act of the revert with the act of making the changes, and should be avoided. Even if only very minor changes like add link or copyedit or typo correction are involved, it is better to do this as two edits not one

Unfortunately the tikiwiki rollback misfeature (misleadingly labelled 'b' on page history ) repeats the original edit comment as if the circumstances of the restoring of the page are necessarily exactly the same as its creation in the first place. This is so wrong as to be one of the most fatal tikiwiki flaws. As reverting is most commonly done to undo blank pages, it's quite necessary to point out the impact of the blank page so that users can learn what results their actions have. As a simple example, the instructions on how to handle a draft press release were proposed to replace the actual content of that premature release. Subsequent attempts to blank the page made it appear as if the release had actually been published, but was now simply not visible. In other words recent changes contained a claim that an event occurred, which did not really occur.

Using rollback to revert the page repeated the prior edit comment which was now entirely incorrect and ill-timed. A second edit was required to make it clear that the prior edit comment was with respect to the edit before the most recent, and had stupidly been repeated by tikiwiki.

All told, it's best never to use rollback. One of the most useful OP upgrades would be to turn it off.