resilient community

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resilient community

The resilient community or resilient city mindset became the dominant view of emergency preparedness, emergency response and signal infrastructure during global negotiations about widespread preparations for pandemics and climate change related disasters. At the core of these communities is a resilient infrastructure guided by a resilient network that lets cities "respond creatively to change" - this theme is explored in the 6C declaration linking creativity to resilience.

While no one doubts the value of local resilience there is some dispute about the degree to which this mindset can or should replace disaster relief goals. There is substantial evidence that any disaster relief effort is, ultimately, a failure in some ways, and never as effective as bolstering local resources. See positions below.

[+] UN/global view

[+] Canadian view

[+] US view


[+] position: growing a resilient community is the only worthwhile aid investment

[+] position: the resilient community requires less help from outside, but will never require no help

[+] position: the resilient community is a dangerous misconception