This is a control verb central to achieving a reflexive intranet.

To resign verb is to quit an office or post which one presently holds. The written letter by which one does so is called a resignation. What causes someone to resign is often quite different from the reasons why cited in the formal letter - it is key to officer protocol not to call too much attention to this - people will rarely become officers if they think that they will be under extreme scrutiny even as they depart the post they accept.

In parliaments of all kinds, it is common for the opposition to call for members of the ruling party to resign. This is expected in more or less any scandal. For instance in the Liberal sponsorship scandal and Liberal gun registry scandal and Liberal immigration scandal there have been many such calls. Only one Minister in the present Government of Canada, Judy Sgro, has been forced to resign.

Within the GPC there are also often calls for elected officers to resign. An officer protocol deals with how such requests are made, accepted, or refused, and how GPC Council would be able to initiate removal of one of its own members for cause.

Many abuse of process issues arise without such a protocol. For instance, in January 2005 GPC Fundraising Chair Kathryn Holloway called on GPC Party Chair Bruce Abel to either enforce the standing Rules of Order - see Green Rules of Order as defined in GPC Constitution - or resign. Abel and ally Jim Harris responded by calling an out-of-process "emergency meeting" with a different agenda, then modifying the agenda to try to have Holloway removed from GPC Council. The motion was out of order but a related one to suspend Holloway for six months was "passed", despite the fact that there was no call for her to resign, no prior notice nor warning that would have let absent Council members know the actual agenda, and that false statements, libel, paraphrases and other hearsay were permitted to substitute for "evidence" using the false urgency of the meeting as the excuse not to follow any evidence/source/authority rules.

This page was removed from the Green Party of Canada Living Platform as part of a general purge of any attempt to tell the truth about the GPC Council Crisis. It appears above in exactly the form in which it was published and remained in the LP corpus as of February 6, 2005 as the Friends of Crookes made its final power grab of the GPC.