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Welcome to the Research Workgroup

Role: The research workgroup will adds research capacity and expertise to the development of platform planks.

Research group leader: yet to be named


Current Research Priorities

Ongoing background projects

research - a general intro to how research should be done in open politics.

Projects being considered

Responsibilities of the Workgroup
  • researching and tracking government initiatives, bills and other parties platform proposals.
  • collecting reports from NGO's on best practices in public policy
  • assembling and maintaining links from our work in the living platform to current academic research and news items.
  • providing facts, quotes, statistics and graphs to support platform ideas.

Workgroup members

All workgroup members should be registered with the research-gpc listserve, you can view the members list there.

Committee Listserve

send mail to:
IT-gpc yahoogroups page


This workgroup has not scheduled regular teleconference meetings. Watch the listserve for notices. All meeting announcements should be linked here.


This committee hasn't held meetings yet (whew!) . When meetings are held, the minutes will be at the same URI as the original meeting was, so the meeting has the same address both before and after the meeting.


Some research centre concerns: