redundant page

Redundant pages are two pages from the same point of view and same scope. Such pages in a wiki are often a result of bad page names.

Such a page is created when a user tries to link to a page without using the correct name for that page.

For example, they may use the plural form of a word when they should use the singular form trolls instead of trolls. They may also apply a prefix, a suffix, use punctuation, abbreviate a word, or use a synonym.

Choosing correct page names, using naming conventions, requires long practice. More examples of redundant pages: (the "correct form is last)
child care for childcare
healthcare for health care
govt spending or govt. spending for government spending
public justice for social justice
political parties for political party
first-past-the-post for first past the post
CRA for Canada Revenue Agency

What to do about them.

parallel views

The wiki best practice is that parallel pages with genuine differences in perspective should be preserved, with a redirect added to the top. In many cases where synonyms are used, there is also a difference in point of view and the issue may be defined differently.


If a term abbreviates another, then make a redirect of the form:

:<nowiki>THIS abbreviates The Heavily Insured Society</nowiki>

spelling, tense, article or pluralization errors

Spelling, tense, article or pluralization errors should become redirects also: if you made the error, so will others. Genuinely redundant pages created due to spelling or plural errors must corrected as soon as possible:

keep it together!

Since most people, particularly those at openpolitics.ca want to see what the consensus is on an issue or wishes to develop the wiki critical mass on a position, redundant pages are a clear waste of time and energy.

How to integrate redundant pages

The best practice is to follow these steps (yes, in order).

  1. determine the best name for the page according to the naming conventions.
  2. rename the better of the two pages with the best name, and add a notice about a redundant page at the top of the best named page.
  3. paste the content of the other parallel page at the bottom of the page with the best name so that others can integrate the content. (You can try to integrate pages yourself if you want.)
  4. place a redirect on the other page.