This is one of the guidelines in open politics.

In a wiki it is often helpful to redirect a page, because people will think of several different names for the same thing, and create redundant pages if you don't. This will cause people referring to the same thing not to find each other, limiting their chance to encounter each other's views and to debate them.

When to redirect.

Redirects are used primarily for enforcing naming conventions. They should be used only for page titles that have no other reasonable usages (these need a disambiguate page instead).

Redirects should not be used to create an editorial bias. Do not redirect
Global Warming to George Bush implying association or causality.

Do not redirect across page types. Do not redirect proper names or profiles to issues and vice versa.

How to redirect.

use the following syntax to remain compatible with mediawiki-based services:

#REDIRECT ((other page)) at the top of the page. This must be the only content. This will automatically redirect anyone from that page to the other page.

The redirected page can still be edited, however if you link to it directly using


which directly opens the edit window.

see also: bad redirect.