reader beware

Reader Beware is a wiki best practice, the act of informing wiki users that seeing in a wiki (or any other media) is not necessarily believing.

All media outlets can be found to have a bias, which if practiced consistently can amount to propaganda or - if this is the only source of information available - mind control.

In a wiki, the bias of any page is the sum of the biases of the people who have written and edited that page. New views of those who differ radically from the existing contributors, the so-called New Troll point of view, must continuously be injected to ensure that the bias of writers roughly matches the bias of readers.

Ideally, if a diverse cross section of contributors edit a page in a wiki, the result is an article with a neutral point of view - something that approximates the truth. In less ideal situations, an individual or faction may agressively edit the page and attempt to impose their version of truth.

In all cases it is the best practice that a wiki page is read with some skepticism, and that readers also be editors who help a page to be fair and balanced.