question chain

The question chain is the mindset associated with the scientific method. It is the opening of new questions from theories and laws that are accepted after rigorous empirical testing that attempts honestly, but fails, to disprove them. See falsification on this.

The framing of questions, akin to deep framing in politics (science itself being "inherently deep").

For the integrity of science itself as a process, the body of inquiry cannot become dissociated from the evidence.

In her 2005 book Dark Age Ahead, Jane Jacobs lists traffic engineering, the Chicago heat wave and the Toronto mystery jobs, as having coupled a scientific appearance or frame with a professional contempt for scientifically rigorous behaviour. This results in what Richard Feynman calls "cargo cult science" which looks like, but is not, capable of yielding knowledge.

"The rot of bad science", as she puts it, can end any and all scientific and technological superiority and even undo what exists. And much of this is due to over-control by central power. According to Jacobs:

"The institutions involved are standing in the way, there ought to be more looseness... it's not a great shame that you don't know what you're doing, you're just trying to learn something, you're just trying to find out, you're just curious. But now curiosity is getting to be almost, well, it's not lean and mean enough, it won't pay it's way."

Jacobs also dismisses the need for vast infrastructural capital and decries the infrastructure bias it leads to: "It's just as easy for one person with their brains and their equipment to discover things now as it was in 1850. And in fact the idea that it's so expensive, takes so many people, and committees, and all that, it may be a good part of what is holding back science in the way I'm talking about."

"Think what a pushover Ontario has been, and a large part of Canada has been, for young neo-conservatives. They've run over the schools as much as they can, they've run over the hospitals... removing the concept of equality... because so little was done to keep ideas in repair...and a kind of smugness.. things got out of repair so badly" both physically and intellectually. The questions arising in the Common Sense Revolution were thus not part of any rational scientific question chain at all.