public figure

In OpenPolitics.ca, according to the Chief Editor only public figures can be the subject of profile pages in the wiki. A public figure is defined as someone who meets one or more of the following conditions:

  • an elected politician in federal, provincial or municipal politics.
  • a person who is the sole or primary subject of a recent news story covered by the mass media; this does not include persons named in a story primarily about a group or organization.

Profile pages concerning individuals who do not satisfy either requirement are generally deemed out of scope and are removed from public view.

Caution: The Terms of Use specifically prohibit editors from adding clearly derogatory or overwhelmingly negative content about a person or group without balancing views or responses. A firmly enforced policy on profile pages prevents smear campaigns. Users who repeatedly violate these policies may find their user privileges suspended.

Please use: talk:public figure for discussions about this policy.