Propaganda is a carefully crafted message which implicitly or explicitly serves a political agenda.

Message contains facts, fictions, memes and metaphors, which are calculated to appeal to the target population. Propaganda is the opposite of deliberation in which opposing views are considered and their relative merit is assessed.

Some wiki best practices limit the influence of slanted pages:

Definitions of spin, rhetoric, truth, bias, fair and balanced all tend to depend on one's tendency and political philosophy. It is not in general possible to objectively say "this is propaganda" except if there is extreme uniformity of view in one forum - not this one.

Some claim that one can explode propaganda using an objective method. This is somewhat controversial but is suggested by some of the methods of Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, notably those regarding column inch analysis.


The term propaganda used to describe news coverage or press releases is now rather quaint, as modern military usage has become specialized to refer more specifically to fields that include or involve the creationa and spreading of propaganda: information warfare and psyops. In commercial and civilian political life, terms like meme, doublespeak, deep framing,political marketing and party brand analysis are used.
These methods presume that ALL "information" is
partisan and "fails to paint a complete picture". This is a foundation belief of postmodern politics.

Given that, the term propaganda is usually pejorative, or used as a joke. The naive belief that a neutral point of view exists that is not at all partisan and contains not even systemic bias is almost certainly wrong, but is a common fantasy, e.g. of the Wikipedia cultist or the major Western mass media or even some chief editors who fantasize that their issue statements can be made strictly objective.

Any developing nation citizen can state many cases where the prevailing view of the developed nations that rule the airwaves is hopelessly biased against their own views. But of course the issue statements developed by American mass media are perceived by the editors as being objective, fair and balanced. They aren't.

classical views

Prior to the postmodern view there were some guidelines about creation of propaganda that are still relevant when dealing with the naive and untrained public.

See also: Karl Rove Playbook, information warfare and psyops, while meme, doublespeak, deep framing and political marketing are used in politics.

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