A profile is an page about:

  • a person; living or dead.
  • a group of people, an organization, or an institution.
  • a proper place - a street, a nation, a fort.

Profile page is often given a notice. In OpenPolitics.ca profiles that aren't about public figures or organizations in the news are deemed out of scope.

Editing Policy on Profiles

(see also editor guidelines)

Guidelines about Profiles

To preserve the orderly operation of the site, the chief editor and other senior editors try to closely watch profile pages. The following rules are in effect.

[+] No Positions on Profiles.

[+] No self promotion or smear campaigns.

[+] The subject has a right to refactor.

Profiles vs. User Pages

A user page is considered the "personal space" of a registered user in Open Politics, and the only page in which they can do pretty much anything they want, so long as they don't break any rules. Normally, users will create a short bio with a list of issues they are interested in. When a user edits any page on the wiki, a link to their user page appears as the "page last edited by" statement above the content. Other people may then follow the link and edit that page to "leave messages" for the user.