process committee meeting 2004-11-25

process committee meeting 2004-11-18

1. Adopt agenda.

2. Appoint recorder,

3. Business of previous meeting:

press release protocol

Demographic breakdown:

Michael has had computer problems over the last week, was unable to impliment database to tabulate the results. Will have them done by next week.

The three planks: nuclear energy has been submitted, governance was submitted. Tom will be posting the first plank on the list on monday.

A proposed press release protocol was adopted in a short meeting at the media training seminar Nov. 19, present was the Leader, the Head of Media, Head of platform, chair of shadow cabinet, deputy leader (quebec).

New business:

Joe proposed

Motion: that any volunteers to join the process committee should be accepted, untill the committee reached a full 12 members. Consensed.

Motion: that paulines request to join the committee be accepted. - consensed

Motion: that call for participation be issued to recruit new members for the process committee, specifically to provinces west of ontario, quebec, and specifically for women to join the committee. - consensed

Motion: that all planks that have been passed by the assembly be known as positions of the Green Party. (2 in favor, dave abstains - "we need a definition")

next meeting