press release protocol

According to process committee meeting 2004-11-25:

"A proposed press release protocol was adopted in a short meeting at the media training seminar Nov. 19, present was the Leader, the Head of Media, Head of platform, chair of shadow cabinet, deputy leader (quebec)."

Explain it here please:

NOTES for reference, the GPNS protocols define the press protocol as:

"press release/response: how media inquiries are handled, how press/ news releases are drafted, who reviews them and on what timelines, how long-term strategic priorities of the Party and key non-candidate non- officer personalities are supported and how they can get press release to web site with or without Leader approval (and perhaps even without Shadow Cabinet/ issue advocate approval, if a legislative priority and long-term strategic priority is involved and no agreement is reachable), what standards paid personnel or consultants are to be held to, standard vocabulary level for press releases of different kinds, the role of Internet searches and "google rank" in publicizing party's positions, and (intersection with position) review of terms used in media releases to be sure they are the exact list of policy terms the Party is propagating and not uncommon variants (absolutely critical in the Internet Age, e.g. the phrase "natural capital" is in common use, "ecological capital" NOT), and EXACT ORDER IN WHICH EVENTS OCCUR BETWEEN APPROVAL AND SENDING BY FAX including the permanent assignment of a stable web address for the release and the final terminology/vocabulary review; The ideal press release is out in less than 48 hours after news breaks and has no more than 3000 word vocabulary, except for terms that are already defined in the Party policy and which are actively being positioned with the public as meaningful and current strategic initiatives of the Party. It quotes at least two Party officers, at least one of whom ran in the last election and both of whom are expected to run in the next one, ideally both with issue advocate or actual legislator (MP or legislation author) status. What background is made commonly available to the press regarding party goals and history?"