press protocol

A press protocol is broader than a mere press release protocol and refers to the briefing, handling, inviting and response to queries from the press. Note on the term "press": "media" is over loaded and the term "news" refers to events that are out of the control of the actors.

A position protocol establishes what the positions are, and a system of answer recommendation s/elects which are the most desirable ways to express them. A Policy FAQ and Answers to Questionnaires deal with common public questions.

An election protocol may require that press handling differs just before and during an election, possibly with fulltime people working to accelerate (not subvert or skip steps in) the press protocol.

When there is no Issue Advocate - or rather no active on - on an issue, researchers or better legislators should be the ones to first draft press releases.

Beyond that a press protocol must establish:

  • how media inquiries are handled,
  • how press/ news releases are drafted, who reviews them and on what timelines,
  • how long-term strategic priorities of the Party and key non-candidate non- officer personalities are supported and how they can get press release to web site with or without Leader approval (and perhaps even without Shadow Cabinet/ issue advocate approval, if a legislative priority and long-term strategic priority - see legislator - is involved and no agreement is reachable),
  • what standards paid personnel or consultants are to be held to:
    • standard vocabulary level for press releases of different kinds
    • the role of Internet searches and "google rank" in publicizing party's positions
    • (intersection with position protocol ) review of terms used in media releases to be sure they are the exact list of policy terms the Party is propagating and not uncommon variants (absolutely critical in the Internet Age, e.g. the phrase "natural capital" is in common use, "ecological capital" NOT)
  • What background is made commonly available to the press regarding party goals and history?
  • THE EXACT ORDER IN WHICH EVENTS OCCUR BETWEEN APPROVAL AND SENDING BY FAX including the permanent assignment of a stable web address for the release and the final terminology/vocabulary review;

See press release protocol and generic press protocol

See also the definition of, and constraints on, a press release