press centre

This page was removed from the Green Party of Canada Living Platform -also described here - before it was taken down on February 6th, 2005. When the site was restored it had vanished. This was part of the GPC Council Crisis. An updated version is at GPC press centre. The page is reproduced in this version exactly as it appeared Feb. 6:

The press centre proposal replaces the Media Team which has failed the party: despite every advantage, it has failed to keep the GPC in the public eye.

During elections the press centre operates as a professional hub with its physical focus, the war room, directly supporting the press protocol in real time; In general, part-time press release authors and researchers will work directly from Living Platform itself to construct consensed press releases from the GPC Shadow Cabinet in as little as four hours - less in emergencies.

After elections it reverts to a volunteer centre drafting press releases according to the press release protocol.