predict the future

At open politics, your predictions on just about anything newsworthy that relates to public policy issues.

Place your prediction on the page with the correct month and year. If the correct page does not exist, create it by linking from this page. Provided you are logged in as a registered user, you will get credit for making right and wrong predictions.


by april 2006 the Liberal Party of Canada will have won a majority in the Canadian federal election, 2006.

by november 2007 Ford Motor company will have applied for bankruptcy protection.

General commment:

Predict or imagine?

  • What if this page was about imagining the future? It would make it even more fun! (BTW, I still can't get the correct syntax to create a talk page). Predicting implies some amount of research, while imagining is pure play. Patch Adams uses such exercises in his workshops. It must be lots of fun!