The word power is also used to refer to electricity.

In politics, power is the ability to have one's view heard or one's orders obeyed or one's interests or friends left alone.

It is thought to result from having authority, influence, capital, or access - including access to information known to be accurate or perhaps the ability to verify it. The word "capital" interestingly in English means both the physical place of power and also the means of production used by workers to create wealth.

The sociology of power was analyzed very deeply by Michel Foucault and many others on the list of influential philosophers.

Lack of power may be denoted by many things, the most significant of which is the inability to have one's view heard.

The status of unperson, originated by Stalin in the USSR in the 1930s, was thought to be a way to disempower the individual designated. This may not work so well today as there are many ways for a person deprived of the power to be heard, to ensure they're heard. See usefulness of trolling especially.

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