political reform

Proposals for political reform usually seek to change the way that political power is achieved, how laws are made, and how politicians act. They may affect any of:

[+] uniqueness, copying, staging

[+] typical historical sequence of reforms

anticipated future reforms

It is obviously more difficult to predict future political reforms.

In Creating a New Civilization - The Politics of the Third Wave, 1994, Alvin and Heidi Toffler argue (supported by Newt Gingrich who wrote the foreword), argue that future reform to liberal democracy will tend to:

Other concerns likely to be reflected in future political reforms include:
  • political privacy - possibly implemented with blind credentials - in an age where subtle and deliberate targetting of people for their views is easier and could be done by any state or powerful corporate entity
  • limiting some Troll Age tactics such as negative campaigns, political identity theft and hacktivism.
  • more transparent government purchasing to validate that the way a state spends citizen's money reflects those citizens' values and does not propagate processes that the citizens themselves believe are responsible for conflict or harm to others they care about

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