political Islam

Various strains of political Islam_:

The propaganda term:Islamism and term:Islamonazism and term:Islamofascism should not be used at openpolitics.ca itself. They mean nothing and no adherent of Islam self-describes in these ways.

Characterizations of specific groups is controversial and necessary subjective. However, there are consistent patterns of representation. For instance, Hamas is a Jihadi and militant Islam group, Fatah has a Jihadi wing but is itself a secular group, and the Taliban were/are a native Afghan radical Islam group whose Jihadi character was largely imported. Al Qaeda uses rhetoric like a Jihadi group but reasonably satisfies most or all definitions of a terrorist group, except insofar as it is a movement seeking control of Saudi Arabia. About 90-95% of all Jihadi groups are associated with some national or regional struggle for autonomy, and so might best be seen as a tactical phenomena rather than a doctrine.


It's quite difficult to find objective sources in English. The following are only a starting point:

In general UK sources should be preferred over US or Israeli ones, which are usually funded by donors very hostile to political Islam.