policy salon

A "policy salon" is a private forum of any kind ( live meetings, web forum, mailing list, chat, wiki, phone) where position papers and policy resolutions are proposed, exchanged and debated. As they are private, they need not be open to anyone not welcomed by the participants, especially the founders who typically retain a sort of veto power over participation.

These may or may not have a Lowest Troll or any other moderator role but may rely solely on admin privilege. If the salon is a faction in opposition to the operators or moderators then their policy salon is called a trolls nest, a phrase that implies some technological escalation, concealment and ruse.

The Green Party of Canada has nothing to do with these salons (or "nests"), is not officially interested in their debates or allegations or conclusions, and will only take cognizance of them in the following ways:

0. A shared tendency or commitment to a common faction declared by participants, e.g. in New Green Canada is fair evidence of knowledge or participation in an avowed program of that faction. Someone who chooses to complain about someone else's behaviour may use their participation, if they themselves have admitted it openly, as evidence of some intent or perhaps subversion of the existing rules.

1. A policy resolution or position paper or interest group briefing that arises from such a salonest will be given the same due process as any other input to Platform 2005 Process - the more so if it represents the view of many members, more so still if any form of consensus decision making was used to write or ratify it, and this process is transparent to Platform 2005 Co-Chairs

2. An Ombuds Committee grievance arising from such a forum also gets the same due process.

3. Outreach Committee may ask salons/nests to participate in some project, e.g. Rank a Plank Live, mark up and mail back, especially if the salon or nest can reach (or claims to represent) a group that is disadvantaged by overuse of the Living Platform/tikiwiki medium.

4. A libel of a Green Party of Canada candidate, official, staff or any other allied party who has become a target through their work with the GPC will be treated strictly in accord with the laws of Canada or province(s) concerned. New Green Canada in particular seems to host many such claims.

5. Actual misrepresentation of policies will be corrected where possible, e.g. New Green Canada seems to quite freely misrepresent existing platform and over-emphasize differences with standing policy.

A generally hostile forum like babble.ca/rabble or straightgoods.com gets more or less the same treatment as those that claim to affiliate GPC members. A salon that claims to primarily exist for GPC purposes can expect some attention.

See the list of policy salons for a current list of every known such "salon".