At Living Platform itself the term platform always means a political platform. We may publish a __platform)) via LivingPlatform.CA itself, or simply record our work on platforms.

A platform is a snapshot of what issues equal the positions of a political party during elections. All party positions are not reflected in a platform, only those that the party chooses to emphasize.

All party platform comparison charts compare platforms as of a given common point in time, just before an election.

There may also be snapshots between elections. For instance the platform of the Green Party of Canada as of 2005-03 may be seen by following links from all platform planks. This is not the final Platform 2005. Some positions had changed since Platform 2004, and others have changed since, so the policy FAQ and Answers to Questionnaires 2004 and party platform comparison chart are not now reliable guides, though they are probably mostly still accurate. The Green Party of Canada Living Platform has current work on that party's platform.