party platform comparison

A party platform comparison lets the public or candidates or journalists compare policy quickly across all the major parties. Most major media outlets prepare such comparisons as soon as all major parties have released platforms.

As a quick cross party reference, during 2004 the GPC recommended the CTV or Globe and Mail policy charts. Some major media charts included the Greens during the Canadian federal election, 2004.

The Green Party's internal-use comparison chart is at party platform comparison chart - archived 2004 version at compares 2004 Canadian federal party platforms.

For CTV's policy comparison chart, see CTV's policy comparison web site. This may not be visible for all time and so would be useful to copy to CTV federal party platform comparison, 2004.

For the most comprehensive comparison useful mostly to contrast overall strategy, and which elaborates implications of some Green positions that are not obvious, seeConservative vs. Green vs. Liberal vs. NDP quick policy comparison, 2004 at hubley.org