party platform

A party platform is a political party's primary means of answer recommendation: When citizens, journalists, politicians or analysts, interest groups and others retrieve such answers, they have historically done so from the platform. It is considered the most authoritative and irrefutable document demonstrating what the party commits to during the current election.
The press release protocol must ensure that press releases do not contradict it.

A party platform comparison chart must be prepared from party platforms - using other sources only if they can be verified.

The Green Party of Canada has, during elections, a GPC Party Platform available for this purpose. But after elections this document becomes instantly "dated", though it can still be used for analytic purposes.

The most recent Platform 2004 and the next, Platform 2005, are visible in Living Platform itself.

See GPC position protocol for how positions are taken and reflected in platforms. See all platform planks for a current snapshot of the current platform.