page name

The page name is the name that appears in large text and in the actual web address or URI of the page (for instance, in the address field of your browser above, you will definitely see "page name" in there somewhere).

A good page name follows all the naming conventions and is easily used in sentences. Notice, for instance, that the phrase "a good page name follows..." is not clumsy or contrived. Good names require standards which require a degree of discipline, which Wikinfo and Wikipedia editors have proven to have, and whose naming precedents in general we follow, adding our own: see Green URIs for a scheme to standardize global naming conventions for international Green Party policys.

Use anchor text to cut scope, e.g. naming conventions for international Green Party policy to "policy name" and if absolutely necessary compress scope, e.g. Platform 2005 Process role to PP05 role with a redirect. Use the standard abbreviations only.

A bad page name breaks one or more naming conventions, has the wrong page scope or uses Unnecessary Capitalization. If you would not capitalize the words as they appear in a sentence, do not capitalize them in a title either. At present there are one or more bad page names in the Living Platform. If you notice them, mark them as such, specify a better name.