page directive

A page directive is one of several imperatives or notices that may appear in header tags.

required by openpolitics.ca itself

Most that appear in openpolitics.ca itself are to ensure compatibility with the Living Ontology Web, put open politics in force and enforce basic data integrity and journalist best practices.

duty to organizations

Sometimes detailed directives are required to ensure that an organizational protocol or organizational directive is enforced by every user who has responsibilities to or in that group, e.g. to comply with

Since not everyone who reads the page should comply with those directives, and some may be actively trying to subvert those organizations, directives of this nature should clearly call only on one group, e.g. "If you are a GPC member, you must..."

organizations may standardize

Eventually complete phrases may be required in the organization's own protocols, e.g. GPC protocols may specify boilerplate wording, e.g. <nowiki>If you are a GPC member, you must</nowiki>. This makes duty under, or violations of, a member protocol, much easier to discover or track, using typical wiki reports on the DB.

Typically only an LP client has rights to define any such header tags.