Openpolitics.ca is a web service provided by the Open Politics Foundation, a Canadian not-for-profit organization whose mission is to share knowledge and promote deliberation on important issues in public policy. By facilitating transparent, concise, and well moderated deliberation, all citizens can increase their effectiveness, and practice open politics in the organizations they belong to.

Using open politics you can:

  • contribute your knowledge and experience to public policy debates.
  • interact with citizens across the country in a friendly collaborative way.
  • keep track of current issues and legislation.
  • organize a citizen initiative
  • hold politicians accountable for their promises and practices.

Our tools, practices and services are world class:

  • The open politics web with its wiki engine is continually being upgraded to empower citizens, using the best technology available.
  • Staff and volunteer editors are online to assist your contributions.
  • Free training sessions to enhance your knowledge of civics and how to make use of e-democracy and how to make change.
  • The efficient civics guild, collects, builds and shares best practices for all kinds of activism.

Openpolitcs.ca is not an advocacy group.

Open Politics Foundation does not participate in partisan politics. It takes no particular position on any issue, but gives citizens and activists the knowledge and the tools to take an informed position and communicate that to policymakers. Anyone can edit the list of all issues or news-related issues. Our editors and administrators follow published guidelines and do not favor any faction or party - they only help to accelerate the definition and resolution of issues.