open politics game

This is an example of a the citizen games reccomended in Open Politics.

The Iowa Caucus Game

(a one hour civics experiment)

This is a game that is a variation on the Iowa Caucus process used by the US democratic party where participants literally vote with ones feet during the event. In this variation, participants deliberate and then leaders debate a single issue to see who can win the most political support.

What you need:

  • A group of people, 25 or more is best.
  • a chalkboard, a whiteboard or at least a bunch of pages you can stick to the wall.
  • about one hour.
  • a facilitator who moderates the debates.

  1. choose an issue.
  2. read the issue out loud
  3. read the positions that have been developed beforehand (the summaries at least)
  4. let people choose which position they initially like the most.Iowa Caucus style.
  5. each group should elect a faction leader.
  6. have a leaders debate, with participants asking questions from the floor directed at an opposing leader. There is a 2 minute, 1 minute exchange between questioned leader and questioners leader.
  7. during the debates, allow everyone else to vote with their feet.
  8. declare a majority leader (faction)
  9. Optional: divide the spoils (whatever they may be) among the majority faction participants.
  10. let the minority leaders make a prediction.
  11. update the issue page with the best arguments heard.

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