open link

An open link (called in some mediawiki-based services a redlink for the default colour in which it is displayed) appears in tikiwiki-based services as an embedded question mark displayed after the page name.

The page does not exist yet, but another editor believes it should exist, and so has created that link for someone to fill in. This is not a mistake; This is not a problem; This is absolutely necessary to the operation of a wiki. In open politics itself it's considered lazy to fail to open links where they would help to illustrate some other issue/position/argument or on any proper name.

To close links is a general responsibility of all factions and is not to be expected of the editor who opened the link: it discourages opening links to expect that all the links will or must be closed by the same author, resulting in dogmatic and closed-ended articles.

A list of all open links is provided in mediawiki as most wanted pages. This is not a good name for it as it may encourage premature closing, as if the sheer number of open links to a page was a good enough argument to write it.