open configuration

"An open configuration project seeks to bring the benefits of share alike" to "Internet hosts and web services. An Internet Service Provider based only on open configuration - that is, using only share alike licensing for all configuration files and procedures - in theory could be merged or disappear entirely with no disruption to any services whatsoever." - definition from let.sysops.be

This would be a truly resilient network, capable of being maintained even by a community emergency response team. The green web specification is a first step to this, supporting rapid shifts to another service provider using fail-over and pre-defined end-of-service transactions.

The definition revolves around the idea of an open host, effectively, a friendly zombie PC supporting part of a federated web.

"1 what's it like?

1.1 XML-based configuration files: OVAL and OASIS
1.2 provisioning, sysoping, failover

1.2.1 fail-only
1.2.2 friendly zombie

2 open host

3 duties

3.1 trolling
3.2 provisioning
3.3 sysoping
3.4 hacking/penetration

4 end-of-service rights

4.1 failover
4.2 transfer roles

4.2.1 email forwarding
4.2.2 web and wiki redirects

4.3 privacy

5 relation to other efforts

5.1 OVAL

5.2.1 in provisioning
5.2.2 in sysoping

5.3 ISO
5.4 share alike

5.4.1 open patent
5.4.2 open content
5.4.3 free software and open source

5.5 trademark "