So-called nonproliferation is prevention of the spread of any weapon of mass destruction.

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[+] background


Some nations are problematic due to exports or potential exports:

nonproliferation issues by nation

The general failure of all regimes and treaties to prevent the spread of any technology whatsoever implies that there is no such thing as a general "nonproliferation" issue, rather, it is a series of case by case situations each covered as a separate issue:

Because states tend to acquire nuclear explosive capacity in response to perceived or actual threats, in practice the issue cannot be resolved except by disarming whole regions. While South Korea remains armed and with a strong industrial economy able to invade the North, it must be expected to seek out relatively cheap and frightening threats. Very clearly, India and Pakistan both acquired their capacities in response to each other as threats. Iran also acquired its capability with that of Israel, and non-enforcement of nonproliferation pacts against it by the G8, at least as an excuse. While unilateral disarmaments have occurred, notably Canada and Ukraine, they were both friendly satellite powers that could only be invaded by one other country which could not do so without extremely negative world reaction. Accordingly dealing with these problems by geopolitical region tends to be more sensible:

issue: what is highest nonproliferation priority?

It is generally believed that exports of nuclear material are under control. However, nuclear technologies and the use of fission for energy necessitates that such material continues to move around the world, inevitably meaning it will fall into hands willing to use it for atomic bombs or radiological weapons.

[+] position: nuclear-disarm entire Mideast

[+] position: nuclear-disarm entire Indian subcontinent

[+] position: nuclear-disarm all of East Asia

[+] position: nuclear-disarm all of Europe

[+] position: stop spread of biotechnology

[+] position: stop using fission for energy

[+] position: stop exports of nuclear technology

[+] position: stop open use of Internet