next terms of use

The _next terms of use will integrate the original Terms of Use that applied until February 9, 2005, with the new LivingPlatform.CA Terms of Use that apply to edits since. They will clarify among other things the status of controls per ECG living ontology terms of use.

stricter CC interpretation

The changes will make it more difficult to justify false attribution, any attempt to plagiarize or violate legal, academic or journalistic standards, while making it simultaneously easy for publishers to respond to libel chill, and persons described to take actions that will satisfy themselves under libel laws in Quebec. It is not possible to satisfy the libel laws of Ontario, so no attempt at that will be made. Ontario law will not apply.

clearly Share Alike

The commitment to the Share Alike movement will also be clearer, so as to specify reasonably how ambiguous license clauses of prior terms of use or the LivingPlatform.CA terms of use should be interpreted.

CC-by-sa-fd compatible with Wikipedia

A CC-by-sa-fd to let extensions of the GFDL corpus be re-integrated with it, and support live XML import, will also probably be referred. Making LivingPlatform.CA itself a derived service of Wikinfo or Wikipedia and creating derived webs based on the GFDL corpus namespace is one of the 2006 goals.

CC-by-sa instructions

All instructional capital regarding wiki itself is under CC-by-sa already in LivingPlatform.CA terms of use, if it is not under CC-by-nc-sa as part of the ECG living ontology terms of use.

invokes other licenses for specialized content

The future direction of Creative Commons will be considered carefully and the desirable licenses to apply to each category of the LivingPlatform.CA itself will be specified. Even if the ideal license is not available, release against it will be acquired in advance so that when that CC license is ready there will be no need for further releases against it, to apply it to material received before or after LP launch 2005-09-01.

The specific impact of this licenses will be ensure that:

While these new licenses seem to make things complicated, in fact, they make things simpler, by making it clear how to adjudicate disputes that arise for different reasons.

It is clear that there is no way to resolve disputes that arise about page material on sensitive topics with a single all-inclusive means to mediate or arbitrate. Wikipedia has had limited success with that, and, open politics itself must do *much* better.

new party forks

All things considered, the change in terms is also intended to make it simpler to exercise the right to fork that all LivingPlatform.CA participants have, for instance, for any faction that wishes to fork off to form an entirely new Canadian federal political party.

Living Platform itself takes no position on such moves but it wishes to be a neutral arbiter of any such decisions, and not to hold any power that would prevent any such moves, in line with open content principles on which it is built.

See also next greenparty.ca web, next GPC Constitution, Ontario Constitution, Province of Toronto for examples of groups that may wish to fork off.