next open politics web

The next open politics web develops open politics argument standards to deepen the notation of open politics. It will include all of the new web services specified by the LP steering meeting 2005-04-21:
and exact deference relations between them specified as per the OP:web definition.

While openpolitics.ca itself is the main user portal, it is only loosely at the centre of a vast web where increasingly the open politics search engine and open politics toolbar can reach, as the standards spread.

While there remains good reason to be suspicious of free software "tools" like debatepoint.com that come from those who don't do actual legal and political work.

However by 2006 LP will open dialogue with dowire.org or at least publish a First Monday article to compare the various options and directions for open politics argument after there is some valid experiment.

By 2007 LP will be notable mostly for providing some anchors to this web. Living Platform itself will be only one of several processes that exist in the OP:web.