next open politics toolbar

The next open politics toolbar (the first) implemented will be eventually separated from the next LivingPlatform.CA toolbar, so for now it is visually differentiated from the next Living Platform toolbar. It will be useful on ANY OTHER web services - though it is most useful on the open politics web.

The next LivingPlatform.CA will move all open politics toolbar features into the top layer. It will not require login but will work for anyone using LivingPlatform.CA even anonymously. A net-wide watch feature might require login but could also work via a web browser cookie.


The open politics web may have some capabilities that are similar to those of crit.org but it is really more like ideosphere.com or alexa.com as it lets one rank pages with votes and bets. But not edits, votes and bets as not everyone can edit pages in the open politics web.

It's web browsing capabilities put a special focus on open politics and ethics theory, global political problems, and tracking commitments. It will link back to openpolitics.ca itself for any rulesets or if it must instruct users.


It will work on any pages in the open politics web - which could be as broad as any obeying a wikitext standard or using living ontology or even just naming conventions derived from Wikipedia. It will work, better, on the Living Platform web. Features specific to this web, this page or sending the page to others are all part of Living Platform toolbar so do not appear here:


See LP:layout for how to it integrates into all LP controls.


details, discussion and delayed features - per LP:layout

The open politics toolbar is a control element so it should be rounded, like all registered modules and all anonymous modules. Both the open politics toolbar and living platform toolbar when they become web browser toolbars must ultimately be grey due to Windoze limitations - moving to greyer tones for these things helps make them look like part of a toolbar and get people used to the idea that these are not features of LP but of the next open politics web itself


In this version, the open politics toolbar is basically a find bar