next LivingPlatform.CA

''This page provides a menu with links to pages and IPAs describing the next major modifications to LivingPlatform.CA - a web service which is the primary visible service of Living Platform itself.


The next LivingPlatform.CA web will be part of the next Living Platform web which will include other web services, e.g. next LivingPlatform.ORG web, and possibly the Green Party of Canada Living Platform and Wikinfo and Sourcewatch pages relevant to our work.

Dealing with this difference will require Green URIs to be specified, and naming conventions for international Green Party policy and naming conventions for international simultaneous policy as simpol.org seeks.

This will mean more name precedents from the GFDL corpus and also from current legislation in Canada and at international bodies such as the United Nations.


To prepare users to use the next Living Platform toolbar, the next LivingPlatform.CA toolbar must appear, even in fixed form, as close as possible to its final wording and location. See LP:design and LP:layout for interim solutions. The Living Platform toolbar will eventually appear anywhere on the web, as:


and on LivingPlatform.CA itself will appear similarly:


Other layout and design

Despite the constraints (appearing like Wikipedia, preparing for a web browser toolbar) there is room for other layout and design input. Please comment and assist the lp:design to amplify the conceptual metaphors the next LivingPlatform.CA relies on.

The most important menus are what tikiwiki calls "all anonymous modules" that every anonymous user sees when using LivingPlatform.CA - see that page for the end user introduction to the capabilities available when using LivingPlatform.CA.

The next LivingPlatform.CA web, next Main Menu are related concerns but do not affect anonymous modules. The use of the word "menu" really must be restricted to the things that appear to the right as part of tikiwiki modules.


See LP vision and supporting vision versus mission, vision, Utopias and Distopias, infra vision, ultra vision, ii vision, e-democracy, and reflexive intranet. Also the twelve levers, Efficient Politics, Habits of Well Beings, etc.


The open politics mission is developed by all LP users based on input from all users and critics that is disciplined as all LP best cases, all LP worst cases. To comment on the institutions behind both, or its governance use next Living Platform and please review next GPC Constitution and GPC protocol and GPC Governance for related issues.

To comment on terms of use see next terms of use and current interim LivingPlatform.CA terms of use. As of the LP launch 2005-09-01 the "next" terms will be in effect. In the meantime interpretation of differences is on a goodwill basis, and exceptions to CC-by and CC-by-nc-sa status can be marked and will be respected. If the "next" terms of use are incompatible with that, those materials that can't permit reasonable use of them will be removed, e.g. in particular, proprietary corporate material.


[http://tikiwiki.org/RFCWiki|tikiwiki syntax has been proposed as a wikitext standard. This won't happen. The actual standard will be based on Wikipedia usage and mediawiki, as documented en: meta-wikimedia: wikitext standard.


Living Platform upgrades list past and future software upgrades. The tikiwiki flaw page lets you gripe about it. Any non-tikiwiki features you want like an naming convention for international Green Party policy needs to be mentioned on this next LivingPlatform.CA page.


The LP mandate is that restricted subset of the open politics mission that the LP steering committee commits to.

This is what that committee has a mandate to pursue: what it sees in the best interests of the project and its continuation and its usefulness.

Change to LP mandate is debated at next Living Platform not here. This page is only for debating the software aspect.


Seeking LP funding is debated at next Living Platform not here. This page is only for debating the software aspect.

This and all LP controls are based on living ontology and CC-by-nc-sa by the ECG