next Living Platform toolbar

The next Living Platform toolbar (the first) will be a web browser toolbar derived from the next LivingPlatform.CA toolbar, but useful on OTHER web services as a web browser toolbar.

It will adapt capabilities of the next LivingPlatform.CA toolbar already visible as part of next LivingPlatform.CA. It will not require login but will work for anyone using LivingPlatform.CA even anonymously.


It will operate similarly to the crit.org capabilities but with a special focus on political problems, not general problems. And it will link back to LivingPlatform.CA itself for any and all process explanations and rules.


It will work on pages that are part of the next LivingPlatform.CA web and the next Living Platform web. It will not work on all pages in the open politics web - for those see open politics toolbar which has net-wide watch.


See LP:layout for how to it integrates into all LP controls.


Features included are:

details, discussion, delayed features (per LP:layout)

The Living Platform toolbar will ultimately operate across many domains - LivingPlatform.CA itself but also livingplatform.org, livingplatform.net, lp.gpo.ca, etc., and cover many purposes so terms of use and URI will vary.

As shown here, "recent changes" must be more prominent, a superscript just above and to the left of "livingplatform.ca" saying "recent changes to" is well
placed and balances the subscript for "terms of use" on that toolbar. The scope of the changes depends on which scope (".ON.CA", ".TO.CA", ".CA", ".ORG", ".NET", ".AU") of Living Platform is in effect - there might even be multiple)

  • HARD TO SEE that the "livingplatform.ca/" must be obviously lowlighted as a raster background - the rendered text begins only after the "/" and should ideally have transparent spaces so that the subtle rasterized underscore is seen as part of page titles in a standard wiki URI, e.g. Green URI; this is the only way to make a URI easy to read without distracting from the page name. The slash also should be lowlighted similarly, and any colons in the page name - it is possible to do this just by changing those characters in the font used for titles, or, hardcoding namespaces - so that a different raster appears for User: and LP: and position: - which is probably very desirable

Most of what the LP toolbar does remains closely associated with the current version's page content:
- to send a page directly to a representatives and civil servants, e.g. all members of parliament - this is a commonly used feature and will also appear as an option when previewing or trying to print.