news guidelines

news guidelines

To create a news story,

follow this link to submit a news story

Thanks for writing a news story! Feel free to contact a senior editor if you have any questions.

  • Open Politics News Stories are licenced under the creative commons. CC-BY-SA
  • You can snarf stories from wikinews and other creative commons licenced sites.
  • Don't copy copyrighted news stories.
  • You may paraphrase or refactor copyrighted news.
  • You may quote sections of news stories if you provide a link to the original source.

Other guidelines:
  • not quoting your sources is the best way to not impress senior editors.
  • Firefox has a neat extension called Copy URL+ - try it.
  • google toolbar has a spell checker for forms that works great with wiki. - try it.
  • Show your work. Dump all your raw source material into version one of your page and then refactor, in your word processor if you like, starting with version two.
  • Use a Canadian spellcheck please.

Don't use the "footnotes" feature because only you will ever see stuff you put in there. (yes we will try to fix the feature.)