neutral point of view

A neutral point of view (abbreviation: NPOV) is used in journalistic and encyclopedic writing.

Adopting a neutral point of view one of many possible point of view options when developing a page or an article. For any page in a wiki, if most editors agree to adopt NPOV when editing, the page "converges" to being a statement of commonly held "truth".

When using Any disputed or even potentially disputable point is attributed to a source - that is, evidence/source/authority is at least possible to look up. Statements expressing a strong view of the author are avoided, and multiple point of view is contrasted. So rather than say for instance:

  • "Toronto should be a province."

one says

In general NPOV sentences follow the form "A said B about C".

An NPOV does not solve or even address all systemic bias or groupthink problems. It may be that people agree because they are foolish, ignorant, or all have a common interest on some issue, not because they are right - see unanimity. It may also be that newcomers are being suppressed - see new troll point of view.