narrow focus

narrow focus

Narrow focus is one of the political personality dimensions examined in the political personality quiz.
The opposite of narrow focus is wide focus.

This dimensions is a measure of scope - how big your "circle of concern", or what range of topics do you care to participate in. Are you thinking globally or locally? You spend more time thinking about things in your neighborhood, and about issues that directly affect you and your family? Alternatively do you follow closely developments in the international scene? Which level of government can you see yourself being elected at?


Narrow focus individuals believe:

  • most quality of life issues are decided locally.
  • you should spend most of your energy where you can make the most difference.
  • it is easier to get things done in local politics.

Narrow focus people tend to oppose:

  • big changes which may introduce as many problems as they solve.
  • trying to make everyone dance to the same tune.

Relevant issues

health care,municipal infrastructure,public safety, public transit, sprawl, habitat conservation, public parks,hospitals,education,employment, decentralization

Statements used in the PPQ

  • My big issues are health care, jobs and education.
  • I tend to be involved in local community groups.
  • My country is the best place in the world to live.
  • I’ve given money to a local school or hospital this year.
  • I tend to think about politics in the way it affects me and my family.

Statements proposed for the PPQ

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