name precedent

A name precedent is a previously existing and widespread name for a concept that should be re-used rather than being changed. See list of all name precedents for those that apply at LivingPlatform.CA itself.

Name discipline is part of wiki training, and without it, link integrity doesn't exist, and binding theory does not work. Simpler reasons are:

If there is a large body of literature on a concept like natural capital, for instance, then much is lost by using a different term for that concept, and unless there is a profound and strategic gain by changing to another term, the precedent should be respected.

More operationally, if two different names are used, two different point of view may develop under each name, and this defeats the entire purpose of Living Platform itself: unified issue/position/argument structures where all competing positions are forced to encounter each other and argue to a neutral point of view at least on the name of the issue and the positions taken on that issue.

Rather than referring to naming conventions most users of Living Platform itself find it easiest to simply look at all name precedents and copy them slavishly in their own names.

In Living Platform itself, the GFDL corpus namespace is the most common source of name precedents. All terms on the list of policy terms should have exactly the same names in LP and in the GFDL corpus itself.