militarisation of space

militarisation of space

The militarisation of space is the placement and development of weaponry in outer space by the militaries of the world.Post Cold War space militarisation seems to revolve around three types of applications - much of this subject matter is classified state secrets:
  • spy or reconnaissance satellites
    • high resolution photography (IMINT)
    • communications eavesdropping (SIGINT),
    • covert communications (HUMINT).
  • Global Positioning Satellites
    • This satellite navigation system is used only for determining one's precise location and providing a highly accurate time reference almost anywhere on Earth or in Earth orbit. The GPS system was designed by and is controlled by the United States Department of Defense and can be used by anyone, free of charge.
  • intra-Military communications satellites
    • enable the use of high speed communications which allows all soldiers and branches of the military to view the battlefield in real-time.
  • anti-satellite satellites
    • low-tech "kamikaze" satellites were tested by the USSR, but military development has focused on anti-satellite missiles launched from the ground or from planes.
    • In 1997, amid much controversy, a ground based chemical laser was tested against, and sucessfully destroyed a US Air Force satellite in orbit, space based beam weapons are judged to be unfeasible with present day technology.
    • the US military is focusing on the capacity for "jamming" satellites rather than permanently disabling or destroying them.

security, privacy, war on terror, arms proliferation, Ballistic Missile Defence

[+] Position:The US should seize control of Low Earth Orbit.

[+] Position: the deployment of antisatellite satellites is inevatable, and there is no use for minor powers like Canada to be fighting it.

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