A method page defines a particular method used in politics itself or journalism itself. It is not generally in issue/position/argument form.

A method may specialize certain process terms to achieve certain outcomes, e.g. Bonser method use of green/yellow/red cards versus open space use of same.

A related method, as opposed to a related issue, defines or disambiguates a method or process so that issue/position/argument can rely on exactly defined terms rather than nonsense.

Most open content sources are not exactly enough defined to support open politics itself. Where they are, make sure to include a cite link.

In many cases, the best authority on a method is an open politics service: openpolitics.ca itself or dkosopedia.com or sourcewatch.org. Efficient Civics Guild is compiling from these a reasonably authoritative list of useful methods for e-democracy, e-government and open politics itself.

Method variations should be documented with the clear understanding that all variants are probably useful in some circumstances, unless they have integrity problems. If a method is impractical, redirect it to a page where a practical alternative is discussed.