mediawiki is the dominant wiki software.

data rules

Its editing format, wikistyle, is the de facto standard due to the vast number of articles offered by GFDL corpus access providers in this format.

openpolitics.ca cannot make direct use of these since it uses the incompatible tikiwiki. No user interface features, few command verb names, and none of the politics of the admin relationships are portable since permissions differ. For instance:

control features

Mediawiki has more extensive social software support than tikiwiki:

Interestingly, http://wikisearch.org/bbc/img22.html zealots consider recent change monitoring to be an instructional and content feature, not a social feature, which it is only to a degree, focusing attention on those pages most recently changed.

One of the fatal tikiwiki flaws is that it relies on pre-existing permissions like a non-wiki site, while mediawiki relies on protected pages to cool down debate on controversial items; this often leads to radically different policies.

staying compatible matters writing a resume

A group that builds its expectations on other wiki software will find it impossible to maneuver the mediawiki sites nor to track the GFDL corpus namespace - far more important! A major issue is that mediawiki permits commas and apostrophes but does not permit spaces and underscores as different characters in titles - and is case-sensitive on all characters after the first. A namespace built with any other assumptions will simply NOT TRANSLATE into mediawiki space and thus have NO INFLUENCE on the overall GFDL corpus - which dominates the google rank.

Accordingly, Global Greens wiki work will almost certainly have to rely on mediawiki, unless they make a big mistake.