mark up and mail back

(proposed method for handling platform broadsheets with public input on them, see Debating Internet Strategies for how these integrate with living platform and Breaking a Million for a broad strategy based on this method, which is the offline version of rank a plank/approval voting and key to participatory democracy; in particular it is part of the strategy of answer recommendation. )

The Green Party of Canada values your opinion and input on our policy. We request that you help us listen to you, by MARKING UP AND MAILING BACK, or giving back to a candidate or canvasser, a marked-up platform.

Here's how it works: take a pen or pencil. Put your name, address, email (and phone if you want) on the upper left hand corner of the page. If multiple people or a group is involved, put them along the left hand margins or all margins if required. A community group or family who normally make political decisions together is ideal, as it gives you a chance to discuss the policy and decide what you like and don't like. To let everyone participate, keep the feedback simple:

Cross out any plank or proposal or statement you don't like or simply disagree with. Circle any one you like. Take as little or as much time as you like. You can do it with a pencil and circle only a few items - this is roughly equivalent to "rank a plank" on the web. Underline words you don't understand. It's hard to tell crossing-out from underlines, so if you have two colours, CROSS TEXT OUT IN RED OR BLACK and CIRCLE IN BLUE OR GREEN. We really would appreciate ten minutes of your time on this, and one first class stamp to mail back the marked up platform with your name and contact information on it. If you don't want anyone to contact you, simply write "NO CONTACT" on the page and we'll respect it.

Groups or concerned citizens can use a more elaborate markup: To add comments, put numbers on each cross-out or circled section, and explain each numbered item on a separate sheet or just in the margins (if they are very short). If you want to get ambitious, then use black only to cross things out because you think the facts are wrong (that is you would agree with them if the facts are as we say) and use only red to cross policies out when you think they go too far, or are expensive, but would be desirable if they could be done with community support for little money. Use blue for those things that you think are good plans, but green for the ones that you think would personally affect you most, AND MAKE YOU ACTUALLY JOIN THE GREEN PARTY AND WORK WITH US FOR CHANGE.

The platform can be placed in any envelope, and mailed back to us at the Green Party of Canada address or given to any member of the Green Party of Canada, who will return it to us. And we do appreciate your time: We're working for you.