lp:design css

Note: for project updates and mockups see LP:layout

Project owner's name, email, phonenumber, and GPC position if relevant

Michael Pilling

post or link to Copy/ Text that has been edited and translated

Use text already in css (everything that doesn't change from page to page.)

Questions and Answers about the project:
(project owner answers, designers can add questions)

Describe in detail what your objectives are with this project; what is the main purpose (trying to reach new visitors, members? informing existing ones?)

We need a new CSS that provides the right look and feel for the project.

What are your goals/plans short and long term?

Short term, make the clunkyness go away.
Long term: zen like beauty.

Where will your promotional material be used?

the LP is used by lost of volunteers from all ages and backgrounds.

Who is your target audience?

general public

Who will use your promotional material (or visit your website)?

general public

What motivates them? What are they looking for?

making a differnence, seeing their name/work in print, demonstrating excellence.

What information do they desire/need/want?

need to be able to obviously notice disclaimer without it being irritating.

what are some adjectives that you would use to describe the project visually?

modern, bright, clean, fun, but with an edge. (can it get more cliched than that?)

where (provide links) are examples that approximate the style you have in mind?


What limitations or constraints do you have? Fill all that apply:
budget: medium/small - reimburse out of pocket costs plus honorarium.
schedule: before the end of feb would be nice.
use of color?: yes - more than we have now.
number of photographs: should have one somewhere in the content of each main page, no need for photos in template.
corporate standards: huh?
personal likes/dislikes: neither too masculine or feminine.

If you could choose only one thing the viewer/visitor would remember, what would it be?

fresh air of opportunity