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create, collaborate, celebrate</P><P>

This page controls all web and print design projects of Living Platform itself - ''see also LP:design_for_GPO, LP:design_for_GPC, LP:design_for_MPCA</P><P> LP:insiders can propose design projects (see below) </P><P> Designers check out the projects available, sign up, and go! FEEL FREE TO CRITIQUE LP:layout! OPEN TO ALL! </P><P> Design Group Leader: none - LP:layout is collaboration of designers with LP:control</P> </TD> <TD>


reinforce copywriting centre's examples, LP:control and research centres conceptual metaphors in design choices; remove mixed metaphors that result from clashes of design and word choices lp:design css major project LP:design_CSS LP:by 2005-05-01</P><P>

under consideration

Living Platform headers that instruct users</P><P> flash cartoons work with a script or storyboard to create fun flash movies. due -anytime</P><P> flash cartoons work with a script or storyboard to create fun flash movies. due -anytime</P><P> design interactive citizen surveys we need people who can design/program some interactive surveys. See survey centre and political personality test</P><P>


LP:layout that actually combine top LP controls properly - a very difficult set of constraints apply</p><p> design recruiting posters - we need recruiting posters to put up at schools, bulletin boards, etc. </P><P>design promo gear like stickers and buttons and hats — got an idea for a sticker or button? let's see it! Due - anytime</P><P> HTML templates</P><P> </TD><TD ALIGN="RIGHT">Image </TD> </TR><!-- ends the first row ><TR ALIGN="LEFT"><! start of next/last row of table --><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR> <!-- end of last row definition ></TABLE><! end of table definition -->
what LP:designers do
  • negotiate the conceptual metaphors with LP:control and accept all control verbs as the limited set to work with
  • within the constraints of the resulting "feel", improve visual look of the livingplatform websites and materials
  • prioritize design projects so that those that are more urgent or certain proceed rather than those that are still subject to delays or debates

Workgroup communication

No listserve should be established. Design is visible and must be discussed in the open. LP:layout shows how. If discussion is required this must be using jabber if only to ensure everyone has a standard wiki identity.


This workgroup should avoid regular teleconference meetings and work wherever possible by actually proposing and counter-proposing, using trillian or jabber to chat, preferably via IRC.


This committee hasn't held meetings yet (whew!) . When meetings are held by chat, just store the logs in the standard format LP design meeting 2005-04-30 which hopefully will be the end of the LP:layout debate.

What to learn

Know what a web browser toolbar is, and what CSS1 and CSS2 are, and what XUL and XSL are. If you know what a reflexive user interface are, you are well ahead of the game.


''If you haven't designed for the Living Platform before, our brand ethic "this is what democracy looks like" guides us very deeply in what we do.
means'' - LP:brand explains this in more depth.
  1. If you don't want to actually help us make this look the way democracy feels, and don't want to learn what democracy requires of us, then, thanks for your interest, but, we don't want your help. You might find a role with OP:design instead.
  2. If you can live with the fact that you might have to learn open politics and learn Living Platform, then, great, check out what design projects are available below.
  3. Goto the page to learn the details of a project and edit in your name and email beside each project you are interested in.
  4. coordinate with GPC staff and other volunteers to plan the project
  5. Create an innovative, fantastic design! (no pressure)
  6. Update this page when you are finished, and celebrate.
P.S. Check out LP:designer_request page to ensure all the questions you would like answered are there. Or, if you don't have time for a big design project, just upload some CC-by-sa works at LP:design_donated that others can build on.

Request design input as LP:insider:
If this is the first design project you've requested, you too must read the brand ethic and realize what it means - the LP:brand explains this in more depth.
  1. Create a project description page by following the structure set up by the Designer's Requirements page.
  2. Add your project link to the list below. Place it in priority sequence by checking the ideal completion dates of other projects.
  3. The link name should be four words maximum and include the type of project, what its for, and hoped for completion date. Examples include LP:wiki pamphlet by 2005-09-01, LP:federal campaign web by 2005-05-01. Make sure these are mentioned at more general LP:plan pages like OP:by 2005-09-01
  4. Designers will choose a project from the list to design, write their name and a completion date beside the link to the project description.
  5. Update this page when you are finished.

old links - did any of this exist?
Designer's Requirements
Branding Details
Donated Design Elements
Graphics, Logos, etc.